Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Coconut Milk Cleanser 250ml


Eminence Coconut Milk Cleanser, Nurture and cleanse in one delightful step with rich coconut milk, created to comfort dry, irritated or sun-kissed skins. Restores moisture balance and gives a dewey and fresh finish. Suitable for normal to dry skin types.

Key Ingredients:

Coconut Milk: moisturises, nourishes and softens the skin

Virgin Coconut Oil: moisturises, antioxidant; helps to combat free radicals and provide protection against them

Calendula Oil: antioxidant, antiseptic concentrate; disinfects, nourishes the skin and has soothing properties

Biocomplex™: an antioxidant booster of Vitamin A, Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid

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