ESPA Modern Alchemy - The Anointing Oil 100ml

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Inspired by the harmonising rituals of ancient Ayurvedic Healing, Chinese Medicine and Shamanic practices, this experiential collection takes you on a sensual journey of transformative textures and self-care rituals for holistic rejuvenation of skin, body and mind. As humans, we desire a greater sense of connection and compassion and as a direct response to this, ESPA have carefully formulated the new Modern Alchemy Collection.

The Anointing Bath and Body Oil is a precious oil inspired by traditional anointing rituals, blended from pure, potent plant oils used for centuries in deeply soulful rituals of bathing and self-anointing. For a sensual bathing ritual, pour the formula under warm running water and immerse yourself into the bath, close eyes and inhale deeply the intoxicating aroma. On emerging from your bath, the precious oils will coat your skin leaving it anointed with nourishing oils. Can also be used in micro-meditation rituals, wrist anointing, morning inhalations and scalp massage.

Allow an aromatic blend of grounding Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vetiver to ground skin, body and mind.

Key Benefits:

  • Skin feels nourished and supple

  • Skin feels radiant and glowing

  • Skin feels instantly soft and moisturised

How to use:

Begin your ritual by setting your intention on the power of emotional and physical reconnection. Anoint your skin with 2-3 drops of this nurturing, aromatic blend and massage in long firm strokes, or pour it under warm running water and luxuriate in a sensual bath. If product gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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