Benecos For Men Beard Oil - 30ml

Improve the appearance of your beard and nourish your facial skin with Benecos For Men Beard Oil. This organic beard oil contains the finest blend of organic oils of argan, sunflower, and sweet almond mixed with essential oils of lavender and rosemary to nourish, soften the beard and the skin underneath.

Beard itch can be a problem for some men when growing a beard, this is due to lack of natural sebum in the skin, by applying the beard oil daily this will add extra oil to the skin and help prevent beard itch. Also the same is with beardruff (beard dandruff caused by dry skin) by using the organic beard oil the skin will be kept nourished.

Lavender essential oil prevents infections and promotes rapid healing. It has soothing, calming and relaxing properties.
Rosemary essential oil helps with hair growth and prevents dandruff. Rosemary is invigorating, reviving and refreshing.

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