Antipodes Lipstick 4g - Forrest Berry Red


Product description

Discover lipsticks so healthy you could almost eat them™.

Antipodes Lipstick's are superior to others on the market for two reasons:

- So healthy: natural, healthy, edible ingredients make these lipsticks safer to wear.

- Moisture-boosting: nutrient-rich pure plant oils mean these lipsticks actually condition as they colour.

The inspiration for the formulation of these lipsticks was natural health supplements. Over the course of her lifetime, a woman may ingest as much as three kilograms or seven pounds of lipstick into her body. She absorbs it through the skin of her lips, or swallows it when she eats or drinks. So we formulated these lipsticks with ingredients that are not only safe to consume – but actually healthy!

These healthy ingredients feature some of Nature’s finest superfoods:

- Avocado Oil: packed with essential fats, vitamins and minerals, our ‘Green gold for skin’ helps to increase collagen production and keep your lips beautifully dewy and fresh.

- Calendula Oil: healing oil from the marigold flower has anti-inflammatory properties.

- Evening Primrose Oil: this edible oil is so rich in healthy fats it’s used as a natural dietary supplement.

- Argan Oil: the Moroccan nut oil balances oil production and hydrates lips for a soft, moist finish.

With added antibacterial beeswax, deeply moisturising shea butter and jojoba oil, and even extra Vitamin E for extra lip nourishment. All of the lipstick ingredients are from natural origin, with only low levels of FDA-approved colour pigments added for vibrancy.

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